Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Senior School Sports results – Term 2 - Week 5

Cross Country
at Cascades, hosted by Epworth - Wednesday 22 May
12th Emmanuella Ambrosio
20th Emma Harrison
1st Paige Mackenzie
4th Luzaan de Wit
9th Jessica Behrens
17th Abigail Larsen

Hashmika Heeralal participated in the Arnold Classic and came 2nd in the U15 section and was awarded the silver medal

vs Alex – Wednesday 23 May
1st Team    won  23-22
2nd Team    won  14-8
U16A  -  won  13-11
U15A  -  won  29-5
U14A  -  lost  5-10

vs Howick
1st team  -  won  1-0
2nd team  -  drew  0-0
U16A team  -  won  1-0
U16B team  -  won  2-0
U16C team  -  lost  0-1
U14A team  -  won  3-0
U14B team  -  won  2-0

TWC Senior 1 vs Epworth Senior 2    lost 0-12
TWC Junior 1 vs Epworth Junior 2    lost 3-9

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Junior School girls selected for various uMgungundlovu Hockey Teams

Congratulations to Keya Mudaliar, Alexandra Uys, Tasiana Nicholson, Danielle Baxter, Emily Bernhard, Erynne Marais, Amy Erasmus, Georgie Henderson (non-travelling reserve), Erin Butler, Kari Aadnesgaard, Lucy Mackenzie, Grace Wardlaw who were selected for various uMgungundlovu Hockey Teams that played in the KZN Inland Hockey Festival

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Senior School Sports Results - Term 2 - Week 4

Cross Country at Michaelhouse
Senior girls Top 20 results – 1st Paige MacKenzie, 3rd Luzaan de Wit, 10th Abigail Larsen, 19th Kerstin Packham, 20th Stephanie Maitre
Junior girls top 20 results – 20th EMmanuella Ambrosio

TWC vs Carter – Wednesday 15 May
1st Team – won – 55-9
U16A – won – 22-2
U15A – won 30-2
U14A – won 28-1

U14A vs GHS – lost 0-3
U14B vs GHS – drew 0-0
2nd team vs Treverton – won 3-0
U16C team vs Treverton – drew 1-1
3rd team vs SJS – lost 1-5
1st team vs GHS – won 2-0
U16A team vs GHS – lost 0-2
2nd team vs GHS – lost 0-2
U16B team vs GHS – drew 1-1

1st team vs SJS – drew 2-2
2nd team vs SJS – lost 0-1
U16A team vs SJS – lost 0-5
U16B team vs SJS – lost 0-4
U16C team vs SJS – lost 0-4
U14A team vs SJS – won 2-0
U14B team vs SJS  - won 1-0

Congratulations to Brogan Mitchell-Innes (U18B), Jessica Behrens (U18B), Jillian Ellis (U18B), Katherine Elmer-English (U18B non travelling reserve), Samantha Brandis (U16B), Zahra Mohaud (U16B), Tamzin Gace (U14B), Jessica Longmore (U14B), Erin Hill (U14B), Darelle Petersen (U14B) who have been selected for KZN Inland Hockey Teams

Senior team vs GHS – lost 3-8
Junior team vs GHS – won 9-3

TWC A team lost to St Annes 1, Epworth 1, Epworth 2 and St Johns 1
TWC B team lost to St Annes 2, St Johns 2 and Epworth 3
Table Tennis
Congratulations to Hashmika Heeralal who played in the Gauteng North Table Tennis Tournament and won the U15 girls section and came 3rd in the U18 girls section

Late Swimming results from the Holidays
Chelsea Walden swam in 6 events at the SA Level 3 Regional Champs in Bloemfontein.
She came 2nd in the 50m and 200m breaststroke and 3rd in the 100m breaststroke.  She swam in 3 relays where they came 1st in the 50m medley relay, 2nd in the 50m freestyle relay and 4th in the 100m freestyle relay.

Junior School Sports Results - Term 2 - Week 4

Monday 7 May vs Pelham and Cowan House
Juniors won 5 matches
Seniors lost all matches

Charlize du Plessis took part in the Inter-schools SANESA horse show recently and achieved 3rd place ribbons.  

Thursday 14 May vs Various
U9A & B - won 4 lost 5
U10A - won 2 lost 1
U10B - won 1 lost 2

Wednesday 15 May vs Pelham and MPS
U9A - drew both games
U9B - lost 2-3 and won 3-2
U10A - won 1-0
U10B - drew 1-1
U10C - lost 0-10
U11A - drew 0-0
U11B - drew 0-0
Open A - Postponed
Open B - drew 0-0
Open C - lost 0-1
Open D - drew 1-1

Monday, 20 May 2019

TWC Senior School Choir participate at regional ATKV Competition

The TWC Senior School Choir participated in the regional ATKV Competition last Monday, winning a Silver Medal.  The criteria for this was to sing a programme including two Afrikaans songs, another South African language song and an own choice song.

Under Choirmistress and Conductor Judith Hawthorn, the choir has worked hard to adapt and adjust to new ways of making music with very pleasing results.  The girls were complemented on their energy and engagement with the music, and for embracing the challenging Afrikaans repertoire.  "They were out of their comfort zone, but the girls rose to the challenge and look forward to performing on more occasions in the future in order to get really relaxed in front of an audience."

Blog post by Judith Hawthorn – Choirmistress


Monday, 13 May 2019

Senior School Sports Results - Term 2 - Week 3

vs Treverton
1st team won 3-1
U16A team won 2-0
U16B team won 3-0
U14A team won 1-0

vs Wembley College
2nd team vs Wembley College 1st team - lost 1-6
U16B team vs Wembley College U16A team - won 2-1

vs GHS
1St Team won 33 - 13
2nd Team won 16 - 12
U16 A won 29 - 6
U16 B lost 7 - 8
U15 A lost 12 – 22
U15 B lost 4 - 22
U14 A lost 5 - 13
U14 B lost 0 - 11

TWC Senior 1 vs St Anne’s Senior 2 – lost 0-12
TWC Junior 1 vs St John’s Junior 1 – won 7-5

Junior School Sports Results - Term 2 - Week 3

vs Scottsville and Pelham
Won 8 games

vs Howick
Open A lost 0-2
Open B lost 0-1
Open C lost 0-1
Open D lost 0-2
U11 A lost 0-6
U11 B lost both matches
U10 A lost 0-2
U10 B lost 1-4
U10 C won 3-2 and lost 2-3
U9 A lost 1-6
U9 B lost both matches

vs Howick
Open A won 7-4
Open B lost 1-4
Open C lost 1-14
Open D lost 3-10
Open E lost 2-15
U11 A won 9-0
U11 B/C lost 0-5 and 1-2
U10 A won 7-3
U10 B lost 2-8
U9 A lost 0-3
U9 B lost 0-6

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Senior School Sports Results - Term 2 - Week 2

Vs GHS / Carter / Russell
TWC 1st team vs GHS 1st team – drew 0-0
TWC 2nd team vs Carter 1st team – lost 0-1
TWC U16A team vs GHS U16A team – lost 0-1
TWC U16B team vs Carter U16A team – won 3-0
TWC U16C team vs Russell 1st team – lost 0-6
TWC U14A team vs GHS U14A team – drew 0-0
TWC U14B team vs Carter U14A team – won 6-0

vs Epworth
TWC 1st team vs Epworth 1st team – won 1-0
TWV 2nd team vs Epworth 2nd team – lost 0-3
TWC U16A team vs Epworth U16A – lost 0-2
TWC U16B team vs Epworth U16B – drew 1-1
TWC U14A team vs Epworth U14A – won 1-0
TWC U14B team vs Epworth U14B – won 5-0

vs Voortrekker
1St Team - TWC won 54 - 8
2nd Team -  TWC won 27 - 1
U16 A -  TWC won 41 - 0
U15 A - TWC won 34 - 9
U15 B - TWC won 10 - 4
U14 A - TWC lost 9 - 19
U14 B – TWC lost 0 - 12

Independent Schools Netball Festival
TWC vs Epworth - TWC won 25-8
TWC vs St Mary’s Kloof - TWC won 19-18
TWC vs St Anne’s - TWC won 21-19

TWC Senior 1 vs St Annes Senior 1 – lost 0-12
TWC Junior 1 vs St Annes Junior 1 – lost 0-12
TWC Senior 1 vs Epworth Senior 1 – lost 0-12
TWC Junior 1 vs Epworth Junior 1 – won 7-5

Junior School Sports Results - Term 2 - Weeks 1 and 2

vs Laddsworth
won 2 Games

Cross Country
Congratulations to Savannah Graham and Keira Naidoo who came 1st at both Athlone and Laddsworth Cross Country Meets and Hannah Bullock who came 3rd at Athlone and 4th at Laddsworth.  A number of our girls were in the top 20.
Savannah Graham – U8 – Athlone 1st, Laddsworth 1st
Keira Naidoo – Open – Athlone 1st, Laddsworth 1st
Hannah Bullock – Open – Athlone 3rd, Laddsworth 4th
Amy Coetzee – U9 – Athlone 15th, Laddsworth 8th
Jodie McIlrath – U12 – Athlone 15th, Laddsworth 17th
Jamie Zwart – U10 – Athlone 15th
Trisha Hulse – U10 – Athlone 16th
Robyn Chapman – U12 Athlone 18th
Jessica Hall – U9 – Athlone 27th
Hannah Morrow – U9 – Laddsworth 20th

The U13 girls participated in the New Hanover Day/Night Festival on Friday.  The girls played brilliant hockey and tied at the top of their pool, but were knocked to second place by one goal difference.  The girls walked away with the bronze medal, having played Clarendon for the 3rd/4th place playoff.  (pictured above). 
4 May vs various
U10A – won all matches
U11A – won 1, lost 1, drew 2
vs Bisley, Athlone & Howick                                  
U9A – lost 0-5
U9B – lost 0-2 and won 2-0
U10A – won 5-1
U10B – lost 0-4 and 2-7
U11A – lost 1-9
U11B – won 7-6
Open A – won 7-6
Open B – won 3-2
Open C – lost 3-10
Open D – lost 0-3
Open E lost 1-3

Thursday, 2 May 2019

TWC First Team Netball girls great achievement

On Friday 29 March when the rest of the school went on holiday, the 12 girls who would be representing the school at the St Andrew’s Netball Festival started their holiday by coaching and looking after the teams at our TWC U13 Sports Festival.  After a very exhausting weekend and an April fool’s joke that backfired on the team, everyone was ready and excited to start the tour, some being a bit more nervous than others as 8 out of the 12 players made their debut for the team. 

The days leading up to the festival are always a mixture of fun, and of course some netball.   The girls won their two warmup matches against St Peter’s and Uplands and enjoyed a day at Gold Reef City, some learning the lesson that it’s not great playing netball in wet shoes. 

The Festival started on Thursday, and after a nervous start, the girls managed to win their first game.
The girls then went on to win 6 out of their 7 pool matches and went into the Championship Section of the Festival.

At the end of 4 days and 13 matches, the team were placed 5th out of 32 teams - a great achievement for such a young team. 

We would like to thank all the parent for their support, from hosting the girls, shouting from the side of the court and giving them that little extra love when they were mentally and physically exhausted but still had to go and play again.  The girls would not have been able to achieve such a great result without you and your support for the girls and coaching staff is greatly appreciated!

Report submitted by Michelle Segal – First Team Netball Coach