Friday, 29 November 2019

Out of the Hat - News from the Lady Principal

2019 has been a successful year for TWC and I hope that all the girls have enjoyed being involved in the activities on offer and being part of the TWC community.
The Grade 12 IEB exams have gone smoothly and the girls will now eagerly await their results. The results will be released at midnight on Monday 6 January, and girls can collect their preliminary certificates from reception from Tuesday 7 January between 08h00 and 13h00.
Grade 8 to 11 reports and newsletters will be available on the Edadmin Parent Portal from Thursday 5 December.
The Grade 11s assisted in running the end of year programme this week and they really did a great job. They had some good ideas and were able to motivate the girls in other Grades to participate. 
Staff News:
We say goodbye to several staff members at the end of this year. Trevor and Sheryl Watson, Pam Esterhuysen, Aileen Metherell, Eric Thorpe, Wendy Ritson and Claire Snyders all retire at the end of the year.
Building update:
The pool facility will be ready at the start of school next year. Both the pool and the stands with storage facilities look great; a wonderful improvement on what it used to look like! We are looking at heating the pool as of next year which will make training for water polo during the cold months a more pleasurable experience. We have signed an agreement with Penguins Swimming Club, and they will use the facility as one of their training pools, both for swimming and for a water polo academy. Further information in this regard will be sent to you early next year.
During 2020, we have plans to build a new Consumer Studies kitchen and classroom, and upgrade the Library.
I hope that you were able to join us for the Festival of Praise last night and Prize-Giving this morning. Once again Festival of Praise was a wonderful evening, and a festive gathering of The Wykeham Collegiate community. Congratulations to all girls who were awarded prizes at the Prize-Giving.
Travel safely on the busy roads this festive season and have a wonderful holiday.

Sue Tasker
Lady Principal

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Congratulations Tori Daniels

Congratulations to Victoria Daniels who has been selected to represent KZN at the Pony Rider and Junior SA Championships at Kyalami Park in Johannesburg in December.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Sports Results Term 4 – Week 4

Indoor Hockey
Senior A vs Epworth A – lost 0-3
Senior A vs St Johns A – lost 0-4
Senior A vs Treverton A – won 5 -2
Senior B vs Epworth B – lost 0-3
Senior B vs  St Johns A – lost 0-1
Senior B vs Treverton B – won 2-0

Junior A vs Epworth A – drew 2-2
Junior B vs Epworth B – won 2-0
Junior C vs Epworth C – won 2-1
Junior A vs Treverton A – won 8-0
Junior B vs Treverton B – won 8-0
Junior A vs St Johns A – drew 2-2
Junior B vs St Johns B – won 2-1
Junior C vs St Johns C – lost 0-3

Congratulations to Cara Ralfe, Kelly Zwart, Emma Huxtable and Kimberley Lewis who have been selected as part of the KZN Swimming Team to compete at the SA Schools National Tournament in December.

Water polo results
vs Epworth
A team lost 9-10
B team lost 6-10

Monday, 21 October 2019

Sports Results Term 4 – Week 3

Congratulations to Diya Singh who has been selected to represent KZN in the 1.10m at the 2019 South African Youth Championship to be held Kyalami Park, Club, Gauteng in December.

Indoor Hockey
Senior A vs Voortrekker A – won 5-3
Senior B vs Voortrekker B – won 2-1
Senior B vs Wembley College A – won 4-3
Senior A vs GHS A – lost 1-5
Senior A vs Howick A – lost 2-4
Senior B vs GHS B – won 2-0
Senior B vs Howick B – won 7-1
Senior B vs GHS C - won 5-1

Junior D vs Wembley College A – lost 1-3
Junior C vs Grace A – won 4-1
Junior A vs GHS A – lost 1-2
Junior B vs GHS B – lost 1-3
Junior C vs GHS C – lost 1-2
Junior D vs GHS D – won 3-1

KZN Champs – Saturday 19 October
Christina Clarke – 2nd place for Kata and Kumite U18
Tyla Farina – tied 3rd place for Kata and Kumite U18
Thanda Madekurozwa – tied 3rd place for Kata and Kumite U18
Madison da Costa – 3rd place for Kumite U15

Water polo
vs GHS – Wednesday 16 October
U14 / U15 – won – 7-3
U16 – won 6-2
1st Team – won – 6-4