Monday, 3 December 2018

JSE Schools Challenge

TWC participants in the JSE Schools Challenge, Jamie Rowe and Olivia Weaver, accompanied by Mrs van Heeswijk left school on Monday 26 November for a trip to Johannesburg to experience the financial and economic hub of the country.

An early flight on Tuesday morning gave them a day ahead to 'do Jo’burg'. After visits to the JSE and Nedbank and a pleasant lunch with Ashleigh Dawson (TWC Old Girls Gauteng Rep); the mind-boggling Discovery Head Office was next on the itinerary.

A fascinating and emotional trip to the Constitutional Court followed. Evening supper was at Nelson Mandela Square and the girls learnt about what 'quants' do and how Bitcoin works and then explored the stunning Christmas lights at Melrose Arch.

Wednesday started with a trip to Victoria Yards - an entrepreneurial hub and inner city revival development.

The surprise of the morning was a trip around a block (or two) in an Aston Martin!

There was a bit of time left to shop at Sandton City and then it was back to the airport and home. 

Blog post submitted by Mrs van Heeswijk