Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Grade 7s experience 'book tasting'

The Grade 7s recently enjoyed a ‘book tasting’ session in the TWC Library. The girls were instructed to sit at random seats with each seat having a book to discover (covered with a plate)

The Grade 7s then uncovered the book and were given 5 minutes to read the first few pages, read the synopsis/story line and look at the cover.

After 5 minutes, they had to cover the books up again and move onto the next book.

When they had enjoyed 6 rounds of 'book tasting', the girls completed a questionnaire about the books they had uncovered - including which was their favourite and least favourite book.

They then reported back to the class on which book they found the ‘tastiest’.

Blog post submitted by Tracey Pera, Junior School Librarian

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