Thursday, 4 October 2018

Grade 5s visit Ecabazini Cultural Village

The Grade 5s of TWC were learning about the Zulu way of life, so to explore further and see it first hand, they went on an outing to Ecabazini Zulu cultural village on Wednesday 6 September.

The Grade 5 girls learnt a great deal and they got the opportunity to try their hand at weaving, dancing, stick fighting, grinding sorghum and even cleaning the floor of the hut with cow dung. Girls got to ask the guide some interesting questions to add to their projects.

For tea they ate Zulu vetkoek called amagwenya with apricot jam. It was scorching hot but an educationally valuable experience. They returned back to school ready to tell their parents about the adventure they had had.

Blog post submitted by
Kano Sekhoto, Grade 5

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