Monday, 11 June 2018

TWC Adventure Sport - Grade 6 Beach Hike

The annual Grade 6 Beach hike took place last weekend with perfect weather and amazing team spirit amongst the girls.

On Friday evening we set up camp at Port O’ Call camp site at Trafalgar. On Saturday morning the group were transported to Port Edward beach where they began their first day’s hiking. The girls made good progress and enjoyed a wonderful swim at Glenmore beach.

From there they continued north and after five hours of walking, finished at their camp site at Port O’ Call. The afternoon was spent enjoying some fun challenges striving to gain points for their tribe.

On Sunday morning, the girls were up at 6am breaking camp and continued their trail heading towards Margate. A welcome stop at Southbroom for an ice cream kept the girls in high spirits.

After four and a half hours of hiking the group arrived at the finish and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Wimpy.

Thank you to Mrs Kemp and Mrs Braithwaite for accompanying us on the hike and an extra thanks to the very special group of girls who made this adventure so much fun.

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