Friday, 22 June 2018

Grade 9 Computer Literacy Community Project

This term some of the grade 9s donated their time and skills, by creating an educational memory game for young children at Freeground ECD Centre in Geluksburg.

The memory games consist of 12 matching pairs of cards.  The aim of the game is for the children to turn over a card, a pair of cards at a time, and try to remember where a pair are. If they get to match a pair of cards they can put them aside as their winnings. The person who gathers the most pairs wins the game.

The Grade 9s have learnt how to use the school laminator, edit images and size tables whilst helping out less privileged leaners.  


Thursday, 21 June 2018

TWC to participate in World Choir Games

The World Choir Games is an international event stretching over about two weeks held in a different part of the world every two years.  This is the first time that it is to take place in Africa, where Tshwane/Pretoria has been chosen as the venue.

TWC Choir is taking advantage of this and has been hard at work preparing to participate.  They are presenting two programmes, one youth and one sacred. The opportunity to be part of this world event is a wonderful privilege for everyone involved with the Choir.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Junior School Art

As Term 2 draws to a close, we thought we would share some more Junior School art with you.


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Senior School Sports Results - Week 9 - Term 2 2018

Congratulations to Georgie Howard on her results at the SA Canoe Marathon Championships at St Francis Bay where she represented KZN Canoeing.
1st – U16 K2 with her partner
3rd – U16 K1
3rd – U18 K2 with her partner

Diya Singh participated in the Nissan Winter Classic on 12 June. She competed in the 90cm class (adults and junior combined), on her horse Phoenix Cezzanne and was placed 7th.

Congratulations to Isabella Uys (U14A) and Sarah Bonsma (U19B) who have been selected for KZN Squash teams.

Junior School Sports Results - Week 9 - Term 2 2018

League Hockey vs Howick
U9A – Won 3-2
U9B – Drew 2-2
U9C – Lost 7-0
U10A – Lost 4-1
U10B – Lost 8-1
U10C – Lost 9-0
U11A – Won 2-0
U11B – Lost 3-0
Open A – Won 5-2
Open B – Won 3-2
Open C – Drew 0-0 

Mountain Biking 
Hannah Elliott completed the SA Cup Series in Nelspruit and came first and is now ranked number one in South Africa. She also participated in the ROAG series and was placed first in her age group and first lady overall. Congratulations Hannah.

League Netball vs Howick
U9A – Drew 1-1
U10A – Won 8-2
U11A – Lost 8-6
U11B – Won 9-5
Open A – Won 12-9
Open B – Won 6-4
Open C – Won 7-3

Congratulations to Savannah Ingledew (U14A) and Emma Hoole (U13B) who have been selected for KZN Squash teams.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Junior School fun in the Library

Every class in the Junior School spends one hour a week in the library to develop a love of books, learning about research techniques and enjoying various age-appropriate tasks.

Recently, the Grade 4’s dressed as surgeons and “operated” on different media sources. They had to cut out text features found in Non-Fiction sources. Text features include, amongst others, content, glossary, index, captions, words in bold, diagrams, illustrations, etc.

The two Grade 3 classes had a fun fact day in the library and learnt all about the pineapple. They then enjoyed some creative painting to finish the lesson off.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

TWC builds Engineers for Africa with JEFA

This week the Junior School girls from Grade R to Grade 7 participated in daily workshops with JEFA – Junior Engineers for Africa. 

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their workshops and we hope to see some entering the field of engineering in the future.



Locally and internationally, JEFA runs workshops at schools and Science Festivals with a focus on learning engineering principles and robotics using LEGO. 

Their goal is to enable school-aged learners to reach their full potential and this is accomplished by using practical problem solving activities. All the courses are accredited by Hands On Technology (HOT), the SA importers of educational LEGO.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Senior School Sports Results - Term 2 - Week 8

Cross-Country League Results
Luzaan de Wit – placed 1st overall in Senior Girls Section having won every race (pictured)
Paige Mackenzie – placed 9th overall in Senior Girls Section (pictured)
Abigail Larsen – placed 7the overall in Junior Girls Section

Results vs St John’s
(TWC scores shown first)
1st Team 0-0
U16A Team 0-3
U14A Team 0-3

Results vs St John’s
(TWC scores shown first)
1st Team 36-17
2nd Team 16-3
U16A Team 17-16
U16B Team 8-7
U15A Team 31-5
U15B Team 7-3
U14A Team 25-11
U14B Team 6-4