Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Grade 5 Egyptian Day

Blog post submitted by Refiloe-Kano Sekhoto, Grade 5

On 28 February, the Grade 5 girls of The Wykeham Collegiate had an exciting day living out the life of an Egyptian, as they engaged in various Egyptian activities.

The girls arrived in their amazing costumes and spent time admiring each other's outfits. Pharaohs, princesses and mummies could all be seen wandering the corridors and gathering in classrooms.

The day began with the making of papyrus paper. They cut the papyrus and sliced it into wafer thin slices before weaving the pieces into a sheet. Soon the girls realized that rolling the papyrus was not working so they resorted to jumping on it. They tried out some Egyptian Hieroglyphic Mathematics, which proved to be quite tricky.

The girls brought their own Egyptian styled cutlery and had a banquet with wonderful drinks. They had an amazing main course of fish, chicken, meatballs and corn bread and then enjoyed the scrumptious desserts which they made the previous day. The desserts included date balls, mealie cakes, fig biscuits, raisin muffins, cheese straws and cheese puffs.

What better way to learn than by living something out? This day will be remembered for years to come.  

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