Thursday, 22 March 2018

Grade 3s visit the Museum & Wylie Park

Blog post submitted by Yuvali Singh, Grade 3 (original spelling)

We went to the museum recently. We learnt so much about dinosaurs. We had to get into groups of four for a photo-scavenging activity. That was so fun and amaizing. We had to go around the museum to find things on our list. We took pictures with the I-pads. Our group loved the cavemen paintings so much. It was the best outing ever. My favourite part was the talk peter our guid did because it was intresting and great. 

After the museum we went to Wylie Park and ate but we also walked in mud and did daring stuff. I was dared to walk a bamboo bridge, it was scary but eventualy it was not. I felt very exited and a bit scared. The picnic was amaizing. Super things hapend that was great especialy climbing bamboo and learning about dinosaurs. I also discovered an extinxt bird called a moa. 

I loved this outing so much that I will come to the museum many more times and to Wylie Park.

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