Thursday, 8 February 2018

TWC Adventure Sport - Sailing

Last week, twenty girls accompanied by Mr Willows, Mrs Johnson and Mrs du Toit sailed a 54-foot catamaran in two groups of ten from Richards Bay to Durban and then back to Richards Bay.

During their adventure, they had opportunities to steer the yacht and were also briefed on the basics
of sailing techniques and navigation.

Group 1 - Richards Bay to Durban
Group 1 left Richards Bay for Durban at 11:00 on Tuesday. The sail was exhilarating with the girls experiencing 40km/hour tail winds – some of the girls and staff were more sea-sick than exhilarated! They arrived off Durban at midnight on Tuesday and had to wait for 30 minutes for two huge container ships to exit Durban harbour. Sailing into Durban in the middle of the night was very picturesque with all the twinkling lights. The yacht docked at about 01:00 and Group 1 then had some well-deserved sleep in the comfortable cabins. A very excited group of parents arrived at 06:00 to welcome their daughters back onto dry land.

Group 2 – Durban to Richards Bay
Group 2 travelled down to Durban from school on Wednesday morning and took over at 07:00 to prepare the boat for the return sail. Once paperwork was finalised, they began the sail back to Richards Bay. Unfortunately, the wind on the return journey was not as strong and they had to motor most of the way back sailing close to shore to avoid the Mozambique Current. Group 2 arrived in Richards Bay at 04:00 on Thursday morning and made the return journey to school to be back in class mid-morning.

All the girls thoroughly enjoyed their sailing adventure. Some of the girls found sailing a breeze although others were a little more challenged by the motion of the yacht!

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