Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Grade 6's visit Nelson Mandela Capture site and Piggly Wiggly

Blog post submitted by Mariam Yacoob, Grade 6

On Friday 9 February we, the TWC grade 6 girls, enjoyed the experience of integrated learning at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site. It was a super-memorable experience. Ayanda, who is the guide of the Nelson Mandela Capture Site, took us through the museum and down to the sculpture. There, when standing in a specific position, 50 steel columns show you the image of Nelson Mandela’s face. The columns represent the 50 years from when he was captured until the time that they started building the sculpture.

After this, we went to Ms Marques’s classroom. Ms Marques did a lesson on the first democratic election in South Africa. We then travelled by bus to Piggly Wiggly. At Piggly Wiggly, we did a geography task focused on trade. We gave the shopkeepers questionnaires, which they were happy to answer. In the beginning, we were all very inquisitive. We have all learned so much. Everyone loved the experience and will never forget it. On 9 February 2018, learning was amazing.

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