Monday, 27 November 2017

Grade 3s - Anne of Green Gables

To round off the theme on Anne of Green Gables the Grade 3s held an Anne Picnic and the girls looked delightful dressed up as Anne.

Everyone brought either fruit, finger sandwiches or chocolate cake. There was vanilla ice cream to eat as in the story Anne gets her first taste of vanilla ice cream ever at the picnic.

The girls spread out their rugs under the trees at Eagle Ridge and enjoyed their delicious treats, trying to eat like little ladies with the proper etiquette of the time.

Then they held three legged races just as Anne and Diana did in the story. There was much laughter as they discovered it was harder than it looked!

After some more tea the girls got into groups and acted out little scenes from the book. Much pleasure was taken from being able to re-live some of their favourite moments and there were some very convincing Annes!


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