Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grade 8 Maths Fest

On the evening of 3 August 2017, 163 pupils from 15 local schools participated in the TWC Maths Fest.

There was a combination of nervousness and excitement as the event began with Mr Nicholson outlining the procedures for the evening. For a brief moment, the excitement was overtaken by anxiety when he announced that the pupils must split into groups of 3 and each team must consist of both boys and girls, all from different schools.

The pupils assembled into teams and they began to work on the first question for which they had a time limit. The time pressure meant that Maths quickly became the focus and the initial nerves were forgotten. The question topics were diverse and they ranged from easy to challenging questions.

There were a variety of prizes awarded for the best team results, the best scores on the bonus question and a few lucky draws.  Fortunately, the prizes were delicious chocolates and not geometry text books as Mr Nicholson had alluded to at the beginning of the evening.
All in all – it was a great evening. Problem solving skills were tested, minds were challenged and new friends were made.

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