Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Grade 7's compare e-books to paper books

In the Grade 7 research skills lesson, girls were asked to compare reading on e-books vs reading paper books. 

Here are some of their conclusions:

Amy and Megan felt that reading a story on an e-book is preferable because of the convenience. A text book is better in print form, as you can stick post-its on it and refer back to pages.

Jessica says reading paper books is more exciting for me because some books are hundreds of years old. The smell of a book makes me excited. Reading a book and looking at it makes me go into another world of my own, far away from where I am.

Botheo and Asiphe prefer e-books as no trees are cut down so we have more oxygen.

Tshama and Kian had this to say: We feel an e-book is a better option because it is capable of doing more than a print book – it can adjust the size of the text; it can store many books on the one device and is therefore more portable. Even if it is more expensive, we think it is worth it.

Aqeela adds: I prefer books. There is something about turning page after page in a book. You can’t explain it, you just feel it. Along the same lines, Lerato says: I prefer to use books. Books are more fun to flip through the pages.

Zia sums it up like this: I would much rather read a good old hardcover book than read on an electronic device. The sound of pages turning, the feel of the leathery cover and the classic smell of an old book are feelings too precious to waste on a little screen with a magnetic light coming from it. Although the world’s people are becoming more advanced in what they use, we must always remember to keep traditions of the past.

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