Monday, 24 July 2017

Out of the Hat... - News from the Junior School Headmistress

Forthcoming Events Term 3
Welcome to the first Hat Chat Blog post. This term the girls involve themselves in soccer, early morning running, athletics and squash. Canoeing continues for our Grade 7s and we will offer it to interested Grade 6s this term as well. Our Inter-House and Sportytots athletics take place later in the term. The Grade 7s go on their camp and exciting day excursions continue. 

Term 2 News
At the end of last term our Grade 3’s spent the day in Umgeni Valley and rounded off their theme on Africa by spending a day in the bush! The girls were divided into four groups lead by WESSA guides and started off with some icebreaker games before setting off on their hike. 

Each girl had a scavenger hunt sheet with things to find. After a picnic they climbed down to the river to do water studies in the bubbling river. 

Then it was back to the hillsides above to play hide seek in the long grass and to learn about camouflage. 

On the way back each girl was given a sticky piece of paper to collect things to make a nature collage. Everyone climbed on the buses exhausted but extremely happy!

Grade 4s visited the Msunduzi museum as part of their Social Sciences curriculum.

The Grade 6 hike from Port Edward to Margate was a wonderful experience for many of our girls. I am extremely grateful to Mr Willows and Mrs Kemp who accompanied the girls on their adventure.

At the beginning of this term the Junior School staff attended a drumming workshop as part of their staff development. It was enjoyed by everyone, but was also a little stressful as we listened carefully to instructions and had to follow and remember challenging rhythms!

Wishing you all a happy term.

Karen Gardner
Junior School Headmistress


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